Facilitating a De-Carbonized World

Critical minerals are essential for the global transition to clean energy

About RCF Acquisition Corp.

We are a blank check company newly incorporated as a Cayman Islands exempted company for the purpose of effecting a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. For our initial business combination, we intend to target assets or businesses of scale across the critical minerals value chain that are poised to benefit over the long-term from the substantial market opportunity created by the global energy transition.

With the support of RCF, we are well positioned to identify an attractive business combination and provide a favorable, value-accretive outcome for our shareholders.

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Pioneer of mining private equity, RCF is a globally recognized brand within the mining and minerals industry, investing across the commodity spectrum for the past 23 years.


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Proven track record of identifying investments with attractive risk-adjusted returns in the critical minerals value chain.


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In-house investment and operating capabilities, as well as proprietary knowledge and expertise, to identify undervalued opportunities.


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Substantial experience as a trusted and value enhancing investment partner across the critical minerals value chain.

The rationale for investment in critical minerals value chain

The International Renewable Energy Agency forecasts a minimum global energy spend of $110 trillion through 2050 to remain on a climate-safe path. This equates to a global annual energy spend of $3.2 trillion, which represents an approximately 80% increase relative to recent spending levels.

On top of this, the International Energy Agency expects this transition could quadruple the demand for critical minerals including copper, nickel, lithium, cobalt, manganese, graphite and rare earths into clean energy technologies over the next two decades alone.

Accordingly, we expect numerous global investment opportunities as the energy transition accelerates.

Rise in demand for use in clean energy technologies

Demand for critical minerals used in clean energy technologies would need to increase by 600% to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Global copper demand is projected to increase 40% from current levels to approximately 33 million metric tonnes by 2040.

Demand for copper to be used in electric vehicles alone is forecasted to rise from a nearly negligible level today to approximately 3 million metric tonnes by 2040.

By 2040, lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel and rare earths for use in clean energy technologies would need to increase by 42, 25, 21, 19 and 7 times the demand observed in 2020, respectively.

Global investment into the broader metals and mining sector remains relatively low

Global demand for critical energy transition commodities will require more than $1.0 trillion of investment by 2035.

Limited alternative capital deployed globally across the mining sector despite a backdrop of significant demand.

Despite alternative financing surpassing $8.0 trillion in AUM today, mining represents less than 1% of annual global alternative financing.

No meaningful supply growth investment nor many discoveries of scale in the last decade, and lead times from discovery to production generally exceed 15 years.