About Us

We are mining professionals with deep investment experience and investors with deep mining experience.

Our team has the right collection of experience and skills to identify investments in minerals critical to the acceleration and adoption of clean energy. By leveraging our operational experience and proprietary knowledge base, we believe we can provide a number of significant benefits to public market investors and potential targets that can potentially lead to attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns. These benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

Extensive International Network

Through the vast experience of our management and board and global reach of our sponsor, we possess deep international networks, including relationships with key decision makers across the value chain of critical minerals. We expect these networks will provide us with a robust proprietary flow of opportunities, increasing our likelihood of finding an attractive business combination.

In-house Operational and Investment Professionals

Our sponsor is differentiated amongst its peers, in that it is supported by dedicated industry specialists in the areas of resource and reserve definition, metallurgy, mining engineering, ESG and project management and construction. These professionals can be dynamically deployed to conduct enhanced due diligence on potential investment opportunities.

Operational Experience and Proprietary Knowledge

Our sponsor’s investment and industry professionals collectively provide a deep and diverse knowledge base from which to identify undervalued assets, assess and mitigate key risks and execute investment opportunities.

Being a Trusted, Active and Influential Partner

Our sponsor seeks to actively partner with strong management teams to unlock and realize significant value over time by supporting the development of successful and sustainable businesses. To this end, our sponsor has ensured that it has significant ability to influence on the business strategy even from a minority equity partner position.